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I have used this motorcycle flag mount about 10 times now and it has worked perfectly every time. I followed the installation instructions on YouTube and it has worked flawlessly. Running it on 2018 Honda crf 450r for the dunes here in Oregon. I did tight the band one notch in on just one side to fit the Honda but that was a piece of cake. I like how I can take my flag on and off in seconds without the use of tools.


The package came way early i got 2 of them . i just installed one of them on my girlfriends bike its sturdy well engineered . super easy too use i hated having my flag next to my leg and in the dunes they break so often .this is an awesome mx flag holder.


I was a little hesitant at first with this product on how well it was going to work. i’ve used axle mounts and fender mounts. Both applications I seem to break flags off then What I want to deal with. With the universal dirt bike dune whip mount. Me and my 2 boys have not broken a whip yet! VERY HAPPY with this product. Strongly recommend it!
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