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8 Hours of Video & Editing + Travel

Video Premium
$1 800.00
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Product Details

Get award winning footage for your next project, sponsorship or just to have for your personal use. 8 Hours of video and editing can produce some amazing shots that will last a lifetime.. They say the older you get the more awesome you were these days we can make sure everyone knows it.

Need some Realty shots you can split out the time over different locations and get more than one done at a time. Developers love to see what they are working with. You can document the progress for investors what ever the reason we can make sure you get what you need.

What you get:

1) The raw Video Footage on a thumb drive

2) If you want a video made you get TWO Video Edits after the first video is made

3) Someone to walk you through options, capture your vision and make it a reality

Make sure to reach out all your questions can be answered quickly and easily just ask for Hank

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