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BraapAttack Performance Land Paddle (Carbon Fiber Version)

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What do I get with a BraapAttack Land Paddle (These are custom made so we will get your height and weight and make a proper setup that will fit you)

  • Carbon Fiber Adjustable Performance Paddle cut to a length that works for you
  • Lighter and more responsive
  • Not as collapsible as the Aluminum BraapStik Paddle
  • Spring is not interchangeable

Recommended spring rates. Lighter = Comfort and cushion a Heavier = More work and more Performance (A heavier paddler will not break a lighter spring just over flex it so the energy release is not as effective)

  1. Light: 100 - 200 lbs
  2. Medium: 180 - 240 lbs
  3. Heavy: 220 - 250 lbs +

Watch the paddle in action and check out the weight of each. Solid setup for the hard core Paddler in your life.

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