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Quick Start Design Package - 2 hours of design time and one 6x6 3d printed model

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Need some simple design work this will be a good starter package to get things moving. If you need more we can work out what that may entail and make sure you have budgeted properly for this.

We will sit down, conceptulize what you are in need of, what or how it should be done. If it can be done in the time you have purchased the 3D model will be printed to get your hands on something to help you make your next steps.

Do this early the more you perfect (or think you perfect it) the more time you and money you potentially waste now and in the future. Get something put to paper and printed. Touching and feeling the design will help you not only confirm its going to work but what you can improve in the design or what else you can make it do with minor changes. When you are ready and done this well you can create a great first edition product to get into the hands of your customers to also offer their input on what could or should be done so you can make a proper release 2 that will take you and your business to a new level.

What is included in this package.

1) 2 hours used for conception and design

2) One up to 6x6 3D printed model

(Additional prints available for a fee)

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