uniWhip 3.0 (Universal MX Whip Mount) New and Improved model

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No tools necessary easy to adjust if your bike has a rear fender this dune whip will mount up. The most simple, versatile and unique setup available for the Motocross community. The chances of you breaking a whip using this setup is slim, possible though so hopefully your ok if you find a way to do it.

Just setup your whip at home and adjust it to fit and your done. Show up to the dunes, clip the whip on and ride. Ready to head home pop it off and store it in the corner till next time.

  • Easy on, easy off installation no tools required
  • Harder than ever to break a whip because of its flexability (Big money saver)
  • More ergonomic, its out of the way when you get on and off the bike
  • Better placement for better visibility


1) cut your whip down 12 - 18” do not use full length whip
2) round off edges of cut down whip so it can be easily
inserted into mount
3) push whip 1” past the bottom of mount and crush the
end with plyers or hammer (or rock.. or wrench..)
4) pull the whip up till it sits nicely inside the cut out
on the bottom. It should fit very tight since the crushed
end has expanded the fiberglass whip
5) ride it like you stole it... (read below..)
1) if the whip pulls back through mount to easily crush
the end harder to expand it enough to prevent this
2) if the mount will not stay on fender thoroughly clean
your fender especially if you use chemicals to prevent
mud from sticking to your fender.
3) if mount still does not stay tighten the setup by doing
the following.
Push bungee through fender clasp till plastic insert is
Take the plastic insert out and move it in one hole, pull
the bungee back through the fender clasp till the
plastic insert is again flush with the clasp.
***Its recommended to setup your whip mount to ride 6 - 8 inches from the end of your fender. Find a good balance
of far enough back that you won’t kick it when throwing
your leg over and far enough forward that its bullet
If you are able to break your whip... we hope you’re ok...
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