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Getting great video at the dunes.

If you ride the dunes you know its typically seasonal unless you spend some extra time on the road its something we all accept and switch up the riding for the season. Knowing it will be a while before you get back to the dunes can mean you wish/want to relive some of those great trips over once or twice.... a week.. haha until you are able to be back in the saddle and riding again.. We know how it is and want to offer some advice.

Make sure you shoot some video! You will not be pro your first time out but you will get better and better as you do it. I will offer some pro tips to you that will help you get up to speed a little quicker.

1) Shoot shorter not longer clips..

2) Rename your clips when you get home with some value added naming about what is in the clip

3) back up your files and make sure you do not lose them.

Why shorter videos help you ask? well its super difficult to wade through a 30 minute clip to find something you remember or want to see.. Chances are if your new to this and do not have or have never edited a video that means you wont be able to just grab the clips you want and watch them anytime you like so you will always have to hunt for them. Super painful and you wont do it often if ever if you do not start to eliminate the issue.

So shorter you can start and stop the videos back to back but shorter.. 1 - 5.. maybe 10 minutes tops..

Naming your clips something like the following will help you remember why you liked it and why you want to watch it again.

FIleName: Huge_Booter... Following_Jakes_ Rail.. Dumping_it_hard.. you do not need to use the underscores thats just something I do but you get my drift.. Make content accessible and easy to find to watch or for what I do which is to import into a video. If I can remember what is in the clip I will drag the clips I want to my timeline and keep my footage precise to the video I am trying to make.

More pro tips to come make sure you check back to read more. Subscribe and follow for more:

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